Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sharing the Love

Here is a tour of my favorite parts of the blogosphere, the posts and the people who have enriched my life recently.

Some posts have made my mouth water, and sent me into the kitchen to cook. Angry Chicken posted about a fruit dessert, while Salt and Chocolate contemplated healthier baking.

Not A Stepford Wife made me laugh when she posted about Buzzy Boys, and The Boys Almanac reminded me of the joy of camping with How to Camp Without a Tent.

There was a lot of inspiration to create, with The Crafty Crow showing Outdoor Playspaces, and a homemade Footie/Pitch Soccer Game, and Fingerpainted Silhouettes, while Angry Chicken made a Book About Colors.

I enjoyed a glimpse into a life different from mine, with Walk Slowly, Live Wildly showing off The Minnie Winne Renovations.

There was food for thought as a parent and a teacher: Camp Creek Blog asked about teaching grit, The Organic Sister writing about How To Shape a Child, and Laughing Stars musing about Motivation. And if I was doing a star unit with my kids, I would love the ideas The Crafty Crow showed in Starry, Starry Night.

Handmade Homeschool posted about her One Word, and inspired me (as usual) toward intentional living. Holistic Mama reminded me of simplicity with The Noise of Stuff and Emptiness.

This is why I love blogging, and reading blogs - all these wise and inspiring and thought-provoking people sharing such wonderful ideas.

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