Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Time and the Learning is Outside

Summer has arrived, and we have moved a lot of our learning outside.  This week we've had a field trip with our homeschool group to a local nature sanctuary.

A little learning inside:


And then they took the kids on guided walks.


Of course, my little artist just kept trying to sit down and sketch (not nature - just "my imagination as inspired by being here")


We went to a party put on by my husband's employer over the weekend, which was marvelously family friendly: at a lake and they had a puppet show.


Fishing and Swimming kids!


Dancing with puppets!


And then we built a new chicken house and moved our baby chicks outdoors this week.


And my daughter had three days of camp in this amazing setting:


Naturalists teach the kids about the estuary and the sound, and they spend days out on the beach doing surveys of what they can find.  She counted crabs, dug for clams, and collected little fish in nets.  Every day I picked her up she was muddy and wet. :)

Living in the land of grey cloud cover as we do, we have to enjoy the summer while we can!

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