Friday, April 11, 2014

RoadTrip Adventure


We are off on our adventure: one mom, two kids, one small car, 5 weeks, and 6,000 miles round trip.

So far, so good!  We are moving along at a reasonable pace for one driver, and taking interesting stops every day.  I have camping equipment, but this early in the season the campgrounds aren't even open yet so for now we are staying in motels each night.  A restaurant lunch stop to break up the day is turning out to be enough "real" meals, and we are just eating out of our cooler for breakfast and dinner. These are still "school" days, so in addition to seeing the country and doing cool "field trips" we also have our literature books on audio CD, our history text books on audiobook, our foreign language CD's, and the kids are doing basic math and language arts workbooks each evening in the motel rooms.  I also got us some geography workbooks for the USA - what better time to learn US geography than when you are driving cross country?


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